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V7 at the Epic Shootout

Half Century in the Epic V7

A review by Ron Ladzinski (Epic dealer and fitness paddler)

On April 18, 2015, I raced the new V7 rotomolded surfski in the "Epic Shootout" on the Muddy Mo. The Shootout is a 51+ mile ultra marathon event promoted by Midwest Paddle Racing and sponsored in part by Epic Kayaks. It is held on the Missouri River from Kansas City, Kansas to Lexington, Missouri. During the race, Mother Nature scorned the paddlers and had them battling the elements in less than favorable conditions accounting for numerous DNF's, all of which were well justified. I have to admit, I am not too keen on being on the river during thunderstorms and the all too frequent lightning bursts (coming from every direction) with torrential downpours, definitely made for some hair raising and white knuckle moments.

Truly an Epic Fit

Having paddled Epic surfskis since the introduction of the flagship V10 in 2005, I believe that the V7 fits the Epic mold perfectly. It is an extremely comfortable and predictable ride to say the least. It looks like, feels like and is ALL Epic. For those individuals who prefer the Epic "feel" you will NOT be disappointed. The V7 is outfitted with the same components found on the composite surfskis within the Epic fleet, including the adjustable Epic bailer.

Comfort, Stability and Speed

The seat and footwell areas are setup the same as in the composite boats which is true to the Epic brand. The seatwell offer paddlers ideal comfort. I paddled over 50 miles without any seat padding or cushioning and didn't have any issues whatsoever. The footwell boasts an adjustable footplate to accommodate paddlers of various heights. The narrow entry for the paddle catch is paramount, especially for boats over 20" wide. This is what makes both the V7 and V8 ideal for daily fitness as well as ultra marathon paddling.

At 21.25" wide, the V7 surfski has the primary and secondary stability needed for both the novice and experienced paddlers alike. Most novices can get in this boat and successfully paddle it from day one, while not having to worry about a surfski that will buck them off. The experienced paddler should like this boat in big water conditions and during ultra races, when the core tends to fatigue and normally the paddler fights with stability issues which is not so with this surfski.

As you would expect, the V7 is not a sprinter nor is it meant to be. At 17' long it does not have the top end speed of it's 20' + stablemates. However, what this boat lacks in top end speed, it possess with efficient cruising speed required for ultra marathon and expedition style paddling. In short, you can hold your cruising speed almost indefinitely while feeling comfortable during each and every stroke.

A Respectable Finish

The V7 was the shortest and the only rotomold (plastic) boat in the top ten overall and finished fifth soloist with a time of 5:41:16 for the 51.23 miles (9.0 mph average speed/current assisted). This being the lower Missouri River, the current added 2.8 mph to the speed. Average paddling speed without the current was 6.2 mph (based on Speed Coach with Speed Impeller).

Now that I have installed the kickup rudder, I am definitely looking forward to taking the V7 in the shallows for some fun while not worrying about scratching the hull.

Stay tuned.


The New Epic V7 Rotomolded Surfski

The NEW EPIC V7 Rotomold Surfski

A surfski for the next generation!

Rotomolded kayaks have traditionally been heavy and difficult to handle, both on and off the water.

The new Epic V7 breaks that mold and sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It is lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to handle. The V7 is outfitted with the same high quality fittings as every surfski in the Epic lineup, including our carbon fiber footboard and pedals and the hugely popular Epic designed bailer. In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with a lightweight, waterproof hatch that puts the V7 in a class of its own.

The 17’ x 21.25” Epic V7 adds a whole new dimension. It offers similar stability to the V8 with the increased durability of a polyethylene kayak. Its capability can be further enhanced with the optional kick up rudder (no modification needed). This combination allows the V7 to be paddled in areas where composites cannot.

Please contact Ron for pre-season orders of the V7 surfski.





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